Note: There has been an adjustment made to the August schedule. I have removed Monday August the 8th and added Tuesday and Wednesday August 16th and 17th to the schedule. The 17th will be morning only. Coach Dan

Policy Changes

Current Policy Change Effective 11/1/2014

  • Only 1 Makeup will be allowed per month, and that makeup must be done in the same month as the missed lesson
  • If the student misses a lesson the last week of the month, they can make it up within 2 weeks

  • If a student takes more than 2 months off without notifying coach DeMarco, that student must contact coach to start lessons again
  • If a person does not show for a lesson and does not take their name off of the schedule, there will no makeups allowed for that lesson.


About out Policies

Rock and Fire strives to create a fair, helpful environment in which to learn.
Our policies reflect this desire. Although our policies are documented throughout this page, we post updates here as a convenient place to communicate new guidelines